The Art of Cutting

After going through years of pampering and care, it is time for a good cut to enjoy it in all its splendor. To achieve the perfect slice, true Iberian Ham lovers do not cut, they sculpt.

When the thickness and size of the slices is uniform and thin, the presentation is as good as a work of art.

Cutting Iberian ham is an art that must be improved with experiences and demands doing it calmly.

To enjoy this ritual and of maximum delicacy, it is essential to have:



The Ham Holder, that will provide a good hold and comfort to the  cutter. The location of the ham holder must be at the right height, at the level of the hands and be perfectly flat and stable.


Equipment required for cutting: ideally, you should have three different knifes that are very sharp: a ham knife, long and flexible, witch which to extract the slices; a knife  with serrated teeth to remove the crust (baker’s type); and a short, strong, pointed knife, to make precise cuts in the most angular areas and to  separate the Iberian Ham from the bone.