A collaboration agreement has been signed with the Chambers of Commerce in Spain, Germany, France and Mexico for the implementation of training courses aimed at professionals in the restaurant, hospitality, distribution, charcuterie and butchery sectors, amongst others, with the aim of consolidating and strengthening their role as promoters of Ibérico products.
This collaboration agreement has allowed us to carry out a series of courses in Spain, France, Germany and Mexico on the art, culture and tradition of Jamón Ibérico in all its glory. These training sessions also promote the knowledge and appreciation of Ibérico products through practical training in the art of slicing Jamón Ibérico.
The theoretical content includes an explanation of the distinguishing values of Jamón Ibérico (origin, links with the rural environment, breed, food), knowledge of the four categories of Jamón Ibérico on the market, the process and time taken to prepare the product, as well as information on the utensils needed to start cutting Jamón Ibérico, how to correctly position the piece in the ham holder, and how to obtain maximum yields from pieces.
The campaign to promote Jamón Ibérico, through an agreement with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, is developing this official qualification focused on Jamón Ibérico and the art of slicing, which will generate hundreds of jobs around the world. It is also placing the spotlight on the product, increasing knowledge of its distinguishing attributes and value proposition in international markets; and on the figure of the master slicer through professionalisation.


The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid, created in 1993, has the mission of contributing to the professionalisation of the hospitality sector through the training of its workers, aiming at the pursuit of excellence and specialisation of each and every one of its students. It currently trains professionals with the profiles most in demand in the hospitality sector: sommeliers, head waiters, mixologists and bartenders, hotel managers, cheese experts, beer sommeliers, catering establishment managers, waiters, etc.