As started by Farm to Fork, the production process is completely traceable, controlled and supervised by sanitary authorities, giving a high quality and safe product for the consumer.

We develop and improve ITACA, our traceability system, in order to guarantee traceability.

Traceability System ITACA

Iberian Ham is traditional product made in a sector that is always aiming to improve the quality of their products.

Now that digitalization is necessary to show transparency and confidence to the consumer, we introduced ITACA, a digital system that contains the complete traceability of Iberian production, thanks to the continuous registration of specific information.

This is a system containing rigorous information about the main production symbols, so better decisions can be taken by the professionals working in the sector.


Not every Iberian Ham is the same, so in order to identify them correctly, there is a seal color system. 

The consumer just needs to check the seal and its color to discover which type of Iberian Ham he they’re buying.

It is really straight forward. Only hams with a seal(DOPs or Quality Rule) are considered Iberian.

Each color is a different category: Black, red, green and white!


This mean Acorn Ham 100% Iberian. Guarantees that both, father and mother, are 100& Iberian breed and that they were fed with acorn and other natural resources.


Meaning Iberian Acorn Ham, from pigs either 75% or 50% Iberian breed, that were fed with acorn and other natural resources in the pasture.

The green seal corresponds to the Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham and can come from 100% Iberian or 75% or 50% Iberian breed specimen, fed in their fattening stage with cereal and leguminous food and with grasses from the countryside.

The white seal identifies the Iberian Cebo Ham and can come from 100% Iberian or 75% or 50% Iberian breed specimen, fed in farms with cereal and leguminous food.

Iberian APP

“Iberian”, a mobile app that shows the traceability of Iberian hams to consumers.

“IBERIAN” provides total transparency and confidence to the consumer at the time of purchase and is a sign of the commitment of the Iberian sector to offer the utmost quality and traceability.

From the identification of each piece with a Regulation seal and based on the information based in ÍTACA, the “IBERIAN APP” enables consumers to consult the traceability of the pieces and verify that they comply with current regulations, thanks to the reading of the unique and individual bar code that appears on each seal.

It suffices to focus the bar code of the seal to access the traceability information of that piece and to know, thanks to interactive icons, the type of product, the way the animal has been fed, and handling of the animal that gave rise to the piece, its racial percentage the “vintage” (month and year of the beginning of production), and the Autonomous Community where the piece was produced

The free, intuitive, and interactive app is available on Google Play (Android) and APP Store (Apple). It currently has 34,434 downloads from 38 different countries and 469,251 seal readings by users.

*The Iberian app is not valid to read the seals of Iberian Hams protected by the Denominations of Origin, since the traceability and identification of the pieces are managed by their own Regulatory Councils.