Enjoining Iberian Ham is, without a doubt, a multi-sensory experience. Therefore, we want to show you all the tricks so that you can tell it apart and enjoy its tasting at its full, using your senses.

Here you will learn how to carry out a professional tasting of Iberian Ham at home, through simple tips based on the teaching of professional experts from SIPA (Service of analysis and Innovation in Animal Products). What are you waiting to begin this exciting journey trough your senses?


With the SIGHT we will appreciate the external appearance of the piece. Elongated, slender and with a very thin reed are the distinguishing visual aspects of the Iberian Hams.

Through the sight we also have to look at the outer fat layer that covers the piece. If it has a yellowish tinge and if it easily sinks to the touch, then it is an Iberian Ham.

At last, its slices are covered by a characteristic and unique veining Some shiny, thing, white veins that perfectly contrast with the intense red of the slice and contribute that aroma, flavor and intensity, which is so unique.


It is precisely this characteristic, the veining of Iberian Ham that is responsible for its soft and fragile texture, thanks to the shiny infiltrated fat that expands and melts to the touch in each slice.

A very pleasant texture and with the necessary degree of hardness to favor chewing enough to provoke that flavor explosion in out palate so particular.


After sight, it is time to talk about the sense of smell. With it we appreciate the aroma, one of the most complex aspects of Iberian Ham to perceive, since it is captured both in the nose and in the mouth. If we enjoy an aroma of cured, intense, pleasant and balanced, then it is an Iberian Ham.


Taste is a sense closely linked to smell. Our smell sense shares sensations with taste and contributes to that explosion of intense flavor so characteristic of the Iberian Ham. Sweet, salty and cured nuances flow into umami, that fifth subtlety, prolonged and difficult taste so difficult to describe that stimulated our palate.