Parts of the Iberian Ham

The Iberian Ham is divided into five distinct parts, each with different flavors and texture characteristics.


It is the narrowest part and closest to the hoof. The caña meat of is more fibrous and a bit harder than the rest. You can get a lot out of it with the right cut. It can also be used to prepare broths.


Characterized by a more intense flavor, the meat is darker, fibrous and cured. Very juicy and of very good flavor when cut in cubes. It is located between the mallet and the leg.


It is where the most meat is found and is very tender and juicy. The veins in the fat is more noticeable in this area. This is the part of the Iberian Ham that has the most meat and is characterized by its excellent sensory properties that make it even more appetizing. This is the most appropriate part to start cutting the Ham.


This is the most cured and leanest area of the Ham. It is where the cutting is continued, once the maza has been consumed. The meat of the “contramaza” is characterized by being extra cured and having a more intense flavor.


It is the area with the most flavor and succulence.