Within the Iberian sector, together with the Iberian Hams of Quality Regulations, we can also find Iberian Hams protected by one of the 4 existing Protected Origin Denominations (POD).

Regulated by Europea Union regulations (REGULATION (EU) No. 1151/2012, among the regulatory provisions are:

  • Must include a geographic name.
  • The product must originate from this area.
  • Quality must be exclusively due to the link with the particular geographical environment, with the natural and human factors inherent to it.
  • Production, processing and elaboration are always performed in the geographic area form which the y take their name.
  • The labeling of the protected products will include the seal for EU protected designations of origin.
  • The geographical name is protected as an intellectual property right tin the European Union and in third countries that have signed agreements with the European Union.
  • The POD is managed by a Grouping, which takes the form of a Regulatory Council and is responsible for regulating and standardizing the actions of the operators attached to an Origin Denomination, as well as managing the traceability and correct identification of the products it covers.
  • The compliance of the provisions of the specifications of each POD is verified by the competent authorities and is subject to an official control.