On 30 November 2021, the grand final of the first international Jamón Ibérico cutting contest was held, promoted by the 11th World Ham Congress and the National Association of Ham Cutters (ANCJ), with the collaboration of Jamon Lovers and official sponsorship by ASICI.

From the cutters who registered to participate in the preliminary phase of the competition, 10 semi-finalists were chosen through an online vote on the website:

From these 10 semi-finalists, the contest panel chose the 4 best, who competed in the grand final, in person, in Madrid.

The finalists had to pass 2 tests: a theoretical one, in which the participants had 5 minutes to explain the correct position for performing the third Jamón Ibérico cut; and a practical one, in which they had 30 minutes to cut a complete Jamón Ibérico and perform a third cut and finish off the ham.

The panel scored aspects such as the thickness and size of the slice, the quality of the slice, the general cleanliness (of the cutting station and floor), the plating, the cutting style, the attitude transmitted when cutting, sensory parameters of the slices of the third cut, or the cutting technique and the execution of the dishes.

All of these are fundamental aspects to awaken the “Ibérico Sense” among consumers around the world.