For yet another year, cinema and gastronomy met again in the Gipuzkoan capital, on the occasion of a new edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival. Appointment to which, the Iberian Hams of Spain , as Ambassadors of European culture, could not miss.

The campaign “Iberian Hams from Spain, Ambassadors of Europe in the World”, promoted by ASICI, with the support of the EU, once again sponsored this event, for the eighth consecutive year, due to its global impact and its clear international projection , shared values with Iberian ham. In the words of Antonio Prieto, President of ASICI , “Like the cinema, Iberian Ham is a unique, exciting and sensory experience. Hence the natural union that, year after year, has been forged in the incomparable setting of the San Sebastian International Film Festival”

All of this represented a “film opportunity” to consolidate the image of Iberian Ham as a gourmet product , unique in the world, as well as to awaken the Iberian Sense among lovers of the Seventh Art.

During the 70th edition of this prestigious event, San Sebastián once again became a great stage for cinema and gastronomy, in which Iberian Hams were once again the protagonists, through different activities, such as free tastings , on the Bulevar in front of to the Town Hall, through which thousands of people were able to discover its unmistakable flavor, aroma and texture.

In addition, both at the opening party at the San Telmo Museum and at the closing ceremony of the event at the Miramar Palace, attendees were able to enjoy exhibitions of the art of cutting Iberico Ham, by master cutters .

As a climax, from Jamones Ibéricos de España, we wanted to honor the actress Cristina Castaño for her brilliant career with the delivery of an Iberian Ham, an award that in previous editions of the festival already received stars such as Karra Elejalde, Javier Cámara, María León , José Coronado, Ricardo Darín , Los Javis , Santiago Segura, Elena Anaya, Juan Antonio Bayona , or Isaki Lacuesta , among others.

All these activities served to project the benefits of Spanish Iberian Hams, and to awaken the Iberian Sense in thousands of people around the world.